How BBA-CA is a good option after 12th?


The technological revolution has taken the world by storm. Mankind has become dependent upon computers for their day to day jobs. With our increasing dependency on these machines, it has become imperative to generate a workforce which can tend to their whims and fancies. Due to these reasons, the degrees in Computer stream are on a hype these days, so as BBA-CA!.


For students who hope to explore the world of computer languages, a course in Computer Applications is a good career option. This course helps students to pave their path in their ever-growing I.T. industry.


BBA-CA is a career-oriented course that offers an in-depth understanding of the realm of computers and computer applications. The hardcover of BBA-CA encapsulates Networking, Programming in C language, World Wide Web, Data Structure, Database Management and Mathematics and significantly an empirical touch to the depth of technology.



It also introduces students to the business aspect by giving them an insight into management and accounting.


The course aims to produce skilled computer professionals who specialise in a wide range of computer applications. It grants its students the competence to create and invent. It allows them to evaluate and analyse data. It also aims to develop entrepreneurial skills among the youth.



Eligibility Criterion for BBA-CA


Now that you have a general overview of the BBA-CA course, let’s have a look at the eligibility criteria for the same.


Most of the colleges require the aspirants to have successfully completed their 10+2 education from any recognised board with English as one of their subjects. One of the added advantages of the course is that it is not bound to any stream.


Some colleges also accept students who have done a two or three-year diploma course after completing their 10th standard education. One of these colleges is MES Garware College of Commerce.


Most colleges expect students to have an aggregate of 45% to be eligible for admission. Some colleges may require their candidates to pass an entrance exam conducted by the authorities as well.


 Career Prospectus after BBA-CA


According to a study the employment of software developers is expected to grow 24% till 2026 while that of applications developer is expected to grow 31%. These statistics prove that the field of computer science is heading towards a steady boom.


The jobs available in this field include Administrator, Programmer, Analyst, Developer, Engineer and Manager. The average income for a fresher can be anywhere between Rs.25,000 to Rs.40,000 per month depending upon their skill set and designation.


Graduates of this course have the likelihood of working not only with private companies but in the government sector as well. Some of the companies which offer jobs to BBA-CA graduates include Infosys, Syntel, and Wipro.

The students can also choose to pursue academic avenues. Some of the postgraduate options include Masters in Computer Applications, Masters in Business Administration, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management.


The course also equips the students with the necessary knowledge and confidence required to start one’s own business.


Some of the interesting career paths after BBA-CA degree are:


Software Development:


These are the innovators behind the various software programmes that people use. Software developers are responsible for creating the underlying systems which ensure smooth functioning of computer programmes.


A software developer tests and implements new software programmes. They are also responsible for designing and updating software base. Fixing the issues arising due to software is also the duty of a software developer.

 The average annual pay scale of a software developer is around 4 lakhs.

 This job requires one to have a strong base which can be provided by the course material of BBA-CA.

 Computer Science Research:

There are various pathways for those who are interested in the research sector. Some of the key duties of a computer science researcher are to assess project blueprints and fix any emerging feasibility problems.


Researchers are expected to have analytical skills as they are expected to analyze problems arising in both hardware as well as software and develop solutions for the same.

 One of the most exciting roles of a researcher is to create new technology by the application of theoretical expertise.

 A recent graduate can apply for the designation of a research assistant. After acquiring the suitable experience they are eligible for higher roles and salary packages.

 The average annual salary of a research assistant in India is approximately 6 lakhs.

 Web designer:

A web designer is responsible for the appearance of the website. They plan, create and code the websites in such a way that it is efficient and user-friendly. They are the creators of the layout and features of a website.


In order to fulfil these duties, they require a sound knowledge of computer programming as well as graphic designing. In the technological aspect, their job requires them to solve coding problems and determine the technical requirements of the website. Therefore, a web designer should ideally have good knowledge of computer languages such as HTML and Javascript.

 Web designers usually work with teams or managers for updating the sites as per the needs of clients; however one can work independently too. The median salary for a web developer is 2.5 lakhs per annum.


Graphics Multimedia Designer:

This field encompasses the new age designers who make use of various technologies available at their disposal to make content which appeals to the audience.


With the growing need to make appealing visual content, multimedia designers are required in almost every area right from marketing to video game developing. This gives aspirants an ample amount of opportunities to make their career.


Multimedia designing helps provide artistic people with a channel to show their creativity to the world.


Graphics Multimedia Designer use computers to create and design various visual elements which are required to make engaging content. They create and combine various types of multimedia to create informational and impactful content.

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for multimedia designers is expected to increase by 10% through the year 2026.


BBA-CA offers a number of opportunities to those who are eager to learn and have an innate sense of curiosity. While choosing a course make sure it doesn’t only provide you with a strong theoretical base. An ideal course should also prepare you for the industry. It should expose you to the recent trends in I.T. Field and prepare you to face your professional life with certainty.


Well, this piece of content has brought you through all the aspects of BBA-CA, right from what you will get to learn up to what career options are available out there to excel and pave a wonderful career for yourself.


To compliment learning with practical touch and fun, a diverse institution is what one has to look up for. In the city of Pune, there are various educational giants who are offering excellent content through this course, one such institution is MES Garware.


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Why BBA-CA is a good option for students after 12th

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