Today’s world is turning into a global village due to the advent of new technologies and international economies are becoming more co-dependent due to globalization. As a result, trade and collaboration among individuals and companies are increasing rapidly.


Benefiting from globalization goods can now travel to every alcove and corner of the world. You can get Assamese tea in New York, Chinese Silk in Egypt and Canadian Maple Syrup in Mumbai because of globalization. Globalization makes our lives easier, and it provides a global market for small and big manufacturers alike.


Technology has helped in reducing non-tariff trade barriers (NTBs). East African countries, for example, are employing online systems where traders can report NTBs which are resolved within 48 hours. It can be used in making global supply chains which businesses can access strategies. Other applications of technology in removing NTBs are, its use in product standards and customs inspection.


With globalization and lesser NTBs, global trade is prospering and set to increase exponentially, and with global trade expansion, the need for rules, regulations and standards also increases. Multinational companies and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) are pushing for these standards and regulations, creating a need for business management and business administration professionals.




BBA IB can be a launch pad to understand national and international markets. The BBA-IB (Earlier called BBM) course aims to achieve harmony between different aspects of global business. Introduction to International business management gives a global outlook to students. A wide expanse of the syllabus gives immense exposure to international business. Value addition capsule modules help students to absorb in the national and international market. This course serves as a gateway into national and international markets and forms a great career path for students.

Scope after BBA-IB Course

Opt for MBA Course

When you get an MBA degree, new career paths open up. Your earning potential increases with greater job security. An MBA commands respect from partners and others in your professional network. The degree itself conveys a great deal of weight, however, it’s your extended range of abilities that at last differentiates you from others. Regardless of whether you pick a program that offers concentrations or one focused on leadership and global management, you will be well served by the stature it conveys. Regardless of whether you are launching another product, revamping a division, or beginning your very own organization, you can do so confidently. Executive recruiters look for individuals who can provide vision and clarity while guiding a company through strategic and organisational challenges.

Business Analyst

Business analysing is emerging as a core business practice in recent years. It’s an indispensable link between a firm’s IT capabilities and its business objectives. The business analyst’s essential target is helping organizations actualize technology solutions in a cost-effective manner by deciding the prerequisites of a task or program, and conveying them clearly to partners, facilitators and stakeholders.

Consultant to firms looking to expand International Business

The common name for this profile is sales. This is otherwise called Account Management/Relationship Management. The word sales by itself should be enough. This also usually means that you will have to be on-site many times.

Consulting is a later alternative for MBA graduates since customarily, sales isn’t an aptitude an MBA furnishes you fundamentally with – that is the reason you don’t have b-schools offering a specialization in sales. Yet, it is quickly turning into the strong point of MBA graduates.

Management Analyst

 A management analyst is a specialist who works with an organization to improve its general effectiveness and tackle operational issues. The management consultants help associations solve issues, create value, boost development and improve business execution. They utilize their business abilities to give target guidance and aptitude and help an association to build up any master aptitudes that it might need.

The world is set to globalise further and our economies are set to become more co-dependent. As a result, the trade will increase and so will employment by business and finance sectors. A BBA IB degree will be a great start for a career in business management since more companies are looking to expand their business across borders. We saw that after a BBA IB degree, an array of career options opens up.

Maharashtra Education Society’s Garware College of Commerce offers one of the best BBA IB courses, it is providing quality education in commerce since 1967. MES GCC also provides overseas educational opportunities to the students in collaboration with Douglas College, Vancouver, Canada.

Rest assured that MES GCC will be your best choice to pursue BBA IB.



Why BBA-IB is sought after in today’s Globalized World?

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